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Adaptive input shaping for control of a flexible manipulator system

Mohamad Olwane, Mahmood M. (2009) Adaptive input shaping for control of a flexible manipulator system. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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Input shaping is a simple method for reducing the residual vibration in positioning lightly damped systems. Although several input shaping techniques have been derived to control a flexible manipulator system without payload, theoretical results are hard to be traced for their application to control a flexible manipulator system with payload. This thesis is concerned with Adaptive Input Shaping for Control of a Flexible Manipulator System with payload. To increase the performance of the manipulators, it is essential to control the system well. The control problem of this system consists of obtaining the physical dynamic model and specifying the corresponding control strategy so that it tracks a predefined desired trajectory as closely as possible at all times. The simulation can be repeated for different payload of the system varying from 0 to 100 g. In this work, a single link flexible robot manipulator that moves in horizontal plane is considered. Modeling is done using finite element method where the system is divided into 10 elements. The input shaping technique is used to reduce vibrations in the system. It is noted that the input shaping control technique is a better control technique compared to the bangbang torque input control technique. It is useful to use when payload is zero compare with unshaped bang-bang torque. But when payload is considered input shaping has to adapt. This method requires calculating or finding the value of natural frequency and damping ratio to adapt time and amplitude of impulse sequences. The results prove that the controller has successfully provided the necessary position tracking control for the flexible robot manipulator system

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