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Data transmission using juxtapose project with wireless sensor network

Hassan Khalel, Tarik I. (2009) Data transmission using juxtapose project with wireless sensor network. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

PDF - Submitted Version


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been used to develop solutions for a wide range of problems, ranging from military applications to environmental and habitat monitoring. Actually, these applications require low cost, low power and low data sensor nodes that communicating over multiple hop to cover a large geographical area. One type of WSNs is Telosb, which is the latest in a line of nodes developed by University California Berkeley to enable wireless sensor network research. It is a new mote design built from scratch based on experiences with previous mote generations. Telos’ new design consists of three major goals to enable experimentation, minimal power consumption, easy to use, and increased software and hardware robustness. The main objective of this research is to embed nesC code in four WSNs and to distribute them to collect data environment (temperature and humidity) the data will collected in a PC through a base station sensor connected to the PC. This network of sensors and PC will be interfaced to the Internet and by using JXTA project which is a kind of peer to peer technology, the collected data can be implemented in a creating file by writing a java code to create a file each our in the PC. The created file will transfer to another place to other peer using JXTA shell through its commands. In our project the embedded operating system used in WSNs is TinyOS 2.1.0, and the wireless sensor is TelosB which is consist of low power transceiver based on CC2420 ChipCon chips that employ IEEE 802.15.4.

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