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Design of Highway Bridges

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

CES-5325 Design of Highway Bridges

Course Parameters

Learning Objectives: This course will provide the student with an overview of the design procedures of highway bridges. The central focus will be the structural behavior of the most common type of bridge in Florida, to wit, FDOT’s slab-on-stringers (AASHTO type girders). Other types of bridges will also be discussed, albeit within the constraints of time. Both computer-based and approximate methods of analyses will be discussed and tested with examples and homework assignments. Modeling of real structures will be shown through US and European bridges.

Instruction will be attempted via the Cambridge University (Trinity College) preceptor method, wherein the student prepares a topic with the help of the instructor, and then presents the material to the critical evaluation of the other students. This method produces a more intense learning experience than traditional lecturing and is a mature test of the student=s growing comprehension of the subject. This will only be attempted with graduate students, and provided the class size is not too large.

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

01. Introduction.
02. The types and the lexicon of bridges.
03. Types of superstructures: steel / concrete / timber.
04. Principles of probabilistic design and the LRFD AASHTO Code.
05. Design loads and methods.
06. Forces on bridges. Wearing surfaces and joints.
07. Design of concrete deck slabs.

08. Design of composite steel-concrete stringers.
09. Continued on composite stringers (girders).

10. Design of composite beam with cover plate.
11. Review of beam theory.
12. Review of moment distribution and influence lines.
13. Influence lines for a 3-span continuous beam.

14. Design of a 3-span continuous beam bridge..
15. Continued on 3-span continuous beam bridge.

16. Design of a prestressed girder bridge.
17. Continued on prestressed girder bridge.

18. Elements of substructures.
19. Design of abutments.
29. Elements of Cable-stayed

lessons 20 to 28 are missing
if anyone have them please share

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