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IS-Seoul2011 - The 5th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials

IS-Seoul2011 provides a unique forum to discuss the knowledge of the complex deformation response in geomaterials. IS-Seoul 2011 is prepared under the success of previous symposia: IS-Hokkaido 1994, IS-Torino 1999, IS-Lyon 2003, and IS-Atlanta 2008. This symposium focuses on the understanding of the deformation properties of geomaterials before failure, and especially on pointing out the small strain shear modulus as a fundamental characteristic of geomaterials.

The IS-Seoul 2011 will be an ideal place where you can exchange your ideas with colleagues via the discussions in the session, and the conference papers. The IS-Seoul 2011 will host the first Bishop Lecture sponsored by the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (TC101) and provide an opportunity to publish peer-reviewed journal papers in “Soils and Foundations”. A one-day short course will be held in combination with IS-Seoul 2011 on Wednesday, August 31, 2011.

Goals of the Symposium

- Research and developments in advanced laboratory geotechnical testing, including apparatus, techniques, data acquisition and interpretation.
- Applications of advanced laboratory and field testing to integrated site characterization and ground modelling.
- Demonstrating the value of practical engineering applications. This involves reporting collaborative studies on laboratory and field testing, sampling, theoretical and numerical analysis, project engineering and full scale observation.


I. Experimental Investigations from very small strains to beyond failure

1) Advances in laboratory and field methods
2) Data interpretation and geotechnical imaging
3) Multi scale problems in geomechanics (micro-to-macro strain)
4) Advanced sampling
5) Behaviour at geotechnical interfaces

II. Behaviour, characterisation and modelling of various geomaterials

6) Physical and numerical modeling
7) Anisotropy and localization
8) Time dependent responses (ageing, viscous and cycling effects)
9) Special characteristics of particular geomaterials:
- Unsaturated soils,
- Cemented andstabilized soils,
- Frozen soilsincluding hydrates,
- Mixtures (soilswith inclusions)

III. Practical prediction and interpretation of ground response: field observation and case histories

10) Integrated site characterization
11) Performance evaluation of geotechnical structures
12) New field methods of ground deformation measurement

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