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Role of G-IT in Soil Identification

Role of G-IT in Soil Identification Keywords: GPS, GIS, RS, LQI, SIS, SISSHC, NDVI, GPR ABSTRACT: ABSTRACT: There are three components of G-IT, namely, Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). In combination, these three technologies are proving to be a very valuable tool for location based decision making. G-IT provides the context and content which can be added by the users themselves. G-IT can play a significant role in diverse areas related to Civil Engg., such as demographic distribution of soils, risk management, assessing temporal changes over a period of time and development of new materials. Geotechnical engineers have generated enormous data of soil materials all over India. A spatial data and attributes can be prepared for layer wise map of soils which helps Geotechnical engineer to display, explore, query and analyze the soil material. It is concluded that GIS based approach for practicing engineers is important and useful. This may be introduced in the curriculum of geotechnical engineering education.

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